Brain Core Therapy

Your best mind is waiting. 

We measure brain activity to deliver solutions towards a healthier life.  


There’s more to getting a healthier mind than you think.


Have you given up on thinking you could live without anxiety, depression or poor focus? You can’t fix what you can not see.  There’s more to getting better than you think, or rather, than you can see.”


"Symptoms like anxiety, poor focus and memory, depression, ADHD, impaired academic and learning processes can leave everyone involved stressed, frustrated, financially burdened, labeled, drugged, second guessing, and wondering if the path you are on is helping the issue improve the situation or merely managing and compensating." 


Perform a Brain Map.

We measure brain activity which produces a brain map that shows the possible presence and location of brainwave imbalances.


Build a Better Brain.

Once we identify if and where a dysregulation exists, we can start building a better brain with Braincore Neurofeedback Therapy.


Live a better life.  

Better brain function leads to better emotions, which leads to better processing, which then leads to a better life.


See what people are saying.


Brain Mapping

You know, better than anyone, something more can be done to better yours or a loved one's brain function/thought processes. 

You hope and pray your household could be less anxious, less turbulent, better focused.  You keep wishing that thinking should be easier, clearer, quieter.” 

Brain mapping helps identify areas of dysregulation that  result in symptoms and guide you to build a better brain.  

We have partnered with hundreds of struggling Hoosiers by identifying brain dysregulations and guiding them to building better brains.  Join us and leading universities from around the world utilizing brain mapping and neurofeedback therapy to build a better life.” 


"It's time to stop compensating for an issue you could live without."

-Dr. Steven Mangas  





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We will also send you a pdf Common Factors Impacting Brain Function and a coupon for $50 towards your first brain map.


Take a Brain Scan

We'll perform a Brain Map to accurately identify disregulations associated in your brain.


Start Braincore Therapy  

The brain map report can help you determine of Braincore Neurofeedback Therapy can help you guide your brain back towards functioning at it’s best.”