Although there are different types of headaches and a variety of causes, the headaches that typically respond to the natural migraine relief or natural headache relief provided by BrainCore Therapy are Migraines and Tension Type Headaches.

Tension Headaches

The muscle contraction or tension headache is different from the migraine.  It is usually experienced as a dull and often persistent head pain.  It is seldom as intense as the migraine, but it can be rather constant.  There is often soreness and tenderness in the neck, face and head where the muscles attach to the bone.  Patients report that it feels like their muscles are in knots.

Not Enough Alpha
Tension headaches typically result from stress, either physical or emotional.  Most often the stress causes tension on the nervous system that often goes undetected.  This tension on the nervous system will often cause brainwave imbalance resulting in the patient’s inability to produce appropriate levels of Alpha brainwaves and making it impossible for the patient to relax.  Recall that the brain produces Alpha waves when the brain is in a calm relaxed state.  In some people this inability to produce alpha and allow the brain to relax causes muscles to tense up.  These patients will often describe grinding their teeth in their sleep.  The constant state of arousal results in a constant headache known as the Tension Headache.

Natural Headache Relief with BrainCore
In cases of tension headache it is important to address the two underlying issues:

  1. The source of the tension on the nervous system.  There are many possible causes of nervous system tension.  These may include physical and emotional stress, drugs and toxins, poor nutrition, subluxated vertebrae, and trauma.  In any case the cause must be identified and addressed.
  2. In addition to the source of the tension, the brainwave imbalance must be addressed independently.  This is because once the tension on the nervous system causes the brainwaves to become imbalanced, that imbalance becomes self perpetuating.  In other words, removing the cause of the tension has little effect on correcting the brainwave imbalance and as long as the brain remains in this state, the patient is prone to tension headaches.

BrainCore Therapy addresses the brainwave imbalance with natural headache relief by teaching the patient how to produce more alpha waves so the brain can relax.  When the brain relaxes then the muscles don’t tense up and the patients experience relief from their headache.




The traditional view of migraines is that they are vascular in origin; however more recent research has proven that migraine headaches are neurological rather than vascular.  In fact medical studies have proven that migraines are the result of a hyperactive brain.  It has been demonstrated that people with migraines exhibit brainwave patterns associated with brainwaves seen in seizure type patterns.  For this reason, many migraine researchers characterize migraines as a slow form of seizure. These headaches are often associated with low levels of alpha and theta brainwaves.

Alpha waves are related to mediative, calm, and serene states.  Alpha waves also are responsible for the creation of acetylcholine which controls the initial stages of sleep and relaxation. Theta waves are responsible for the production of GABA, an inhibitory neurotransmitter.  It is a calming neurotransmitter.  Lowered levels of GABA result in anxiety, seizure activity,headaches, irritability, high blood pressure, and decreased sex drive.


Migraines are characterized by hyperexcitability of the brain. If the alpha and theta brain waves do not functioning as they should,  the brain moves from a calm state to an over excited state.  The hyperexcitable brain means that the brain is producing too many fast brainwaves.  Current research has proven that when the hyperexcitable brain is triggered by a stressor and a cascade of physiological events in the brain is initiated.  This cascade of events results in a dilation of the arteries in the outer tissue covering the brain known as the dura matter.  The dura matter is extremely pain sensitive and the dilation of the blood vessels in the dura matter results in the throbbing relentless pain of a migraine.

The medical approach to treating migraines is with drugs.  However studies have demonstrated that even the most effective drugs only work about 50% of the time. Rather than mask the symptoms, the BrainCore approach targets the cause of the migraine.

Slowing Down The Brainwaves
Through the natural migraine relief of BrainCore Therapy, the patient learns how to calm the brain down.  The patient is taught how to produce the slower, less excitable brain waves at will.  So the next time a patient feels a migraine coming on, the brain can engage this new ability and prevent the cascade of events that result in the migraine.  In fact most patients that have been treated with the BrainCore System report that they sometimes can feel a migraine coming on but then it never happens.  Up to 90% of the patients treated with this therapy have reported a 50% or greater reduction in migraine frequency and a 75% reduction of migraine severity.



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