I was unable to read more than three sentences and then I would get confused. I was failing school and had to drop out of public school and start homeschooling. I still struggled. After Braincore I was able to comprehend everything I read, math got easier, and now I am getting great grades in college. Thanks!”
— 3/14/17

“Our house is calmer, my son no longer has meltdowns, and he has quit wetting the bed!”
— 1/12/17

After my head trauma my personality changed. My friends didn’t want to be around. My grade point average went from all A’s to D’s. I was really moody and stayed to myself. After Braincore, my friends came back, my grades went back to A’s, and I feel lots better.”
— 4/16/16

Last spring before BrainCore Jacob could not sit still for more than a couple minutes. He was not sleeping well and constantly throwing fits. We could not go anywhere really. Since BrainCore we can now go to the store without a problem. Also, he will sit and play in one place for up to an hour which NEVER happened before.”
— 2/5/17