FAQ's and Fees



1. Are there any side effects to BrainCore Therapy?

Typically, the answer is no.  There have been the few occasions when someone will be very tired a few hours later after the first session.

2. I already have a Chiropractor, but I want BrainCore Therapy. Do I need to switch Doctors?

We have a great working relationship with the chiropractors in the area.  You do not need to change doctors. If you are under a program or schedule, that is excellent. We want you to be adjusted while going through Braincore Therapy as it optimizes the function of the nervous system and the results of the therapy.  If you choose to see your own chiropractor during BrainCore Therapy, we do not adjust our fee structure if you choose to do so.

3. Does my health insurance cover any of the BrainCore Therapy? health insurance?

We have quit letting insurance companies and the government predicate the success of our patients.  Just as acupuncture was once looked upon skeptically by the medical profession and insurance companies, neurofeedback is also considered a non-essential service. Yet, like acupuncture, this therapy is very effective and valuable, but it is typically not covered by insurance companies.  We will be happy to give you an invoice to submit to your insurance company or HSA. That said, we will work very hard to make this therapy affordable for you or your loved ones.

4. How much is the fee?

This is always a fair question and equally difficult to answer.  Typically, BrainCore Therapy consists of 20 sessions.  Some of our friends who have come in severely impaired need more help.  Typically, that can be determined at the initial consultation. That said, we do followup evaluations every few sessions to monitor your progress. Depending on your lifestyle and health, if we need to adjust the amount of care provided, we will discuss that at that time.  The therapy is less than the typical cost of braces, and we offer cash payment discounts, credit card payments, and in house payment plans.


5. Do you provide any discounts to police, fire, and military personnel, and teachers?

We offer a 10% reduction in prices for our friends in uniform and education.