Brain Core Therapy

Hear your child laugh again.

We improve brain function naturally to help your kids release anxiety and be kids again.


Are you tired of worrying why your kids are so nervous all the time?


Wether it’s the look they get in their eye, the indecisiveness, or the uptight feeling you continually see, watching your kids deal with being anxious is hard. We know that you’ve tried talking to them, asking why they feel the way they do, but what if there was something deeper that needed to be addressed?


"It's time to get to the root issue of what is actually causing the symptoms, and provide solutions, naturally.”

-Dr. Steven Mangas  


Medication may not be the only answer


We’ve helped countless families just like yours leave the symptoms of anxiety behind. We take a wholistic approach to empowering and equipping you to help change your child’s behavior. We call it Brain Core Therapy.


How it works.


Perform a Brain Map.

We measure brain activity which produces a brain map that shows the possible presence and location of brainwave imbalances.


Build a Better Brain.

Once we identify if and where a dysregulation exists, we can start building a better brain with Braincore Neurofeedback Therapy.


Live a better life.  

Better brain function leads to better emotions, which leads to better processing, which then leads to a better life.


See what people are saying.


Take the weight off of your child’s mind.

Getting better starts with a simple call. We’ll schedule a consult and comfortable brain map session. We will then review the information and develop a strategy that starts to meet your goals. 

We have partnered with hundreds of struggling Hoosiers by identifying brain dysregulations and guiding them to building better brains.  Join us and leading universities from around the world utilizing brain mapping and neurofeedback therapy to build a better life.” 

Stop watching your child struggle with the grip of anxiety on their life and start hearing them laugh how they used to. Anxiety doesn’t have to be something your child lives with any longer. Call Today.